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Stanchions For Sale!

Plastic and Metal Crowd Control Posts at Discount Prices

PlasticChainLink.com is your one stop source for the widest variety of plastic stanchions for sale! We always have a large inventory of plastic stanchions for use with our plastic chain as well as crowd control queue posts. No matter what your application is, we have a stanchion that will meet your expectations.

Browse our variety of colors and post finishes to ensure your stanchion matches your decor.

Featured Stanchion Product

Pair of Discount Belt Stanchions


Queue Line Posts Sold at Wholesale Prices

Plastic Stanchions and Chain Kits for Sale

Plastic Stanchion KitsĀ ON SALE!

All of our plastic stanchion and chain kits are on sale for a limited time! Choose from many sizes and color options to fit your outdoor or indoor decor!

Plastic Stanchions and Chain Kits for Sale

Metal Plated Plastic Stanchion Kits

Achieve the effect of expensive metal stanchions at a fraction of the cost! Available in brass, chrome, and black chrome plated options.

Ball Top Plastic Stanchions

Solid Color Plastic Stanchions

Solid Plastic Stanchions

StripedĀ Plastic Stanchions

Striped Plastic Stanchions

Xtreme Duty Warehouse Stanchion

Xtreme Duty Plastic Stanchions

Safety Label Plastic Stanchions

Safety Label Stanchions

Retractable Belt Queue Posts

Economy Retractable Belt Stanchions

Economy Belt Stanchion for Queue Posts

Extra Wide Belt Length Stanchion

Extra Wide Belt Stanchion

Safety Color Belt Stanchion

Safety Post Belt Stanchion

Dual Line Retractable Belt Stanchion

Dual Line Retractable Belt Stanchion Queue Post